The Perfect Baby Bath Time Routine

It’s good to get you and your baby into ‘bath and bedtime’ routine, and you’ll find it’s the perfect way for you both to end the day.

When your baby is newborn they’ll not necessarily need a bath every day but as they grow this will become an essential part of bedtime. It’s a lovely way for you to spend some fun and quality time together.  

What baby doesn’t enjoy a good splash in the bath?! Besides, getting your baby used to water early in their life will help them conquer any fear when they start to learn to swim, which is an essential life skill.

Here’s some things I learned as a mum of two children, and some advice passed to me from other mums, to create a perfect bath time.

Don’t bathe a crying baby

You should try to avoid a time when your baby is upset, tired or hungry. Putting them in the bath usually just makes them worse!

Warm Water

Make sure the water temperature is just right. Of course, you could invest in a bath thermometer, but I’ve always used the age old trick of testing the water with my elbow. If the bath is too cold, your baby will get upset, too hot and it could burn your baby’s delicate skin. It’s a fine balance, but you’ll soon get it right and find a temperature that your baby likes.

Big Bath or little bath?

You can use a baby bath if you wish or bathe them in your own bath, although this can prove a little tricky as they are pretty slippery when very young! I used an excellent baby seat for our main bath. There are plenty on the market so spend some time choosing one that is right for you. You must make sure you have both hands free when bathing your baby, so make sure you have everything you need close at hand before you place your baby in their seat.  

Wash hair and skin in something gentle

Using some gorgeous, lightly scented hair and wash products in the bath can be a great way of relaxing your baby. They must be really mild though. Even better if they create bubbles for splashing fun! We have a fabulous range of Harry & Rose bathing products which are proving popular with new mums, especially for babies who have dry skin. And they leave your baby with that gorgeous baby smell too!

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Small babies can get cold very quickly so make sure you keep their time in the water quite short. You can give them more time when they get a little older. You can also add toys for splashing time and waterproof story books.  Bath time is fun time after all!

It’s a wrap!

When bath time is over, get your baby wrapped up quickly in a super soft hooded towel to keep the heat in. A baby massage is a lovely way of relaxing and bonding with your baby before dressing them for bed. I used a delicate moisturiser to make sure their skin stayed soft and wasn’t dried out from washing.

Once upon a time…

Finally, I always tried to finish off our bath time routine with a little story before settling them in bed with their favourite teddy or comforter. Of course, I had my fingers crossed that we’d both get a restful night!