4 Storage Tips for Children’s Bedrooms

Storage Tips for Children Bedrooms

Who knew something as small and adorable as a baby came with so much stuff? And quite often their room, your nursery, is the smallest room in the house.

Simple storage for children’s bedrooms are essential. It begins with needing quick and easy access to baby’s nappies, powder, soft toys and comforters, feeding bottles and evolves into needing somewhere safe to store their cuddly soft toys, games, books, dressing up outfits and toys. You have to put it all somewhere!

Fear not, here are some top tips to help.

  1. Functionality over cuteness

Of course, nursery storage needs to look cute, but the first rule is it must be functional. There’s little point having a storage box if you have so much to put in it that you can’t close the lid! If you plan to use your storage basket or storage bag for your baby’s nappies, powder and creams, you’ll be needing to use it many times each day and night. Open top storage is a good idea. After all, you don’t want to be trying to open a lidded storage box at 3am when you’re bleary-eyed. Worse still if you have twins (or more) and have to guess whose box is whose! Make it easy for yourself.

  1. Think versatility

As your bundle of joy grows into a child you’ll want to re-use and recycle your storage. Personalised storage baskets and personalised storage bags are a great idea. Go for simple designs that will complement what you’ll buy for your child over the first few years. After all, storage with cute baby things on them have a limited shelf life. They’ll soon outgrow it. You need something all-purpose and adaptable.

  1. Storage size matters

Just as you want to make your storage versatile, it needs to be a size where it will be useful as your baby’s needs grow. Look at what you want to use it for now and think bigger! If you have the space, choose a large storage basket or storage bag.

  1. Personalise it

We listen to lots of parents and those with twins (and more) tell us that personalised storage is an absolute must. Sometimes it’s important to separate their nappies, powders, creams and even muslins and blankets. And storage with their name on means that they can own it, and have something to keep their toys and teddies in. Storage bags are really flexible and can be used for blankets, toys, soft toys, dressing up clothes and much more.

Need some more ideas, take a look at how you can create a neat, tidy and organised space for your kids

Try these…

The Personalised Storage Basket

Our beautiful and functional white wicker personalised storage basket with cream cotton lining are one of our best-selling products. It’s perfect for keeping powders, creams, nappies and baby changing products all together in your baby’s nursery. Personalise it with your baby’s name across the front of the lining.

Personalised baskets for gifts? If you’re giving this as a new baby gift why not fill it with 3 – 4 small products from our store? And you can have it perfectly gift-wrapped for free.

The Personalised Storage Bag

Our personalised storage bags are beautiful, functional and more versatile than a personalised storage box or crate. Beautiful simple designs and a great size as storage for nurseries and children’s bedrooms. The smaller bags are perfect for powders, creams, nappies and baby changing products, while the large personalised storage bags are perfect for toys, teddies and dressing up clothes.

You can purchase this personalised storage bag on its own or choose products from our shop to build your own unique hamper. We’ll gift-wrap it for free!