Posting Gifts is Back in Fashion.

A little thought and a little gift can go a long way.
One of the many good things to come out of this tough past year has been the kindness we’ve been
showing each other. Love. Appreciation. Gratitude for what we have. Helping each other. And a
promise that, when we can, we’ll give each other the biggest hug! (Not long now!)

What’s really kept me going are the little messages and gifts from family and friends. Of course,
Facebook messages and Zoom calls are always appreciated, but there’s been something special
about receiving a card or a small gift through the post.
It’s like we’ve gone ‘old school’ again. Posting something is back in fashion.
Like many of you, I’ve sent cards to friends with a personal message remembering times we’ve spent
together and looking forward to when we can do it again; and inexpensive gifts, like a personalised
tote bag, with a promise of a day out shopping again.

As we emerge from lockdown, I’m so delighted that our Lolly & Ted gifts have helped give a little
love to your family and friends. It’s been a privilege to see the kind thoughts and messages you’ve
been sending.

As we come into spring and the weather begins to warm, I’m reminded of a quote from the late
Capt. Sir Tom Moore, “the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away.”
So, before you text or email or video call, go that extra step… a thoughtful card or a personalised gift
received in the post will bring a little sunshine to someone you care about.

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