How to give the perfect maternity gift in 5 easy steps

So, you’ve been asked to organise a collection for a work colleague who’s about to become a mum. It’s exciting… but when do you buy? What do you buy? When do you start looking? And do you give a baby shower gift or new baby gift?

Here are a few top tips to help you decide.


  • Start early


Plan ahead!  No doubt you’ll know about the new baby is coming earlier than a few days before the mum-to-be leaves work or starts packing her overnight bag. Message your colleagues and let them know that you’re planning to buy new baby gifts and a card. 


  • Set your budget


Does your company give gifts to employees? If they do, find out what they do or how much they spend. You may want to add to what they give. If they don’t give gifts, suggest it! Some online retailers of personalised baby gifts give discounts to corporate accounts. Otherwise, decide on a fair amount you think your colleagues will be happy to put into the collection, then times that by the number of people that may take part. This will give you a rough budget. Of course, you need to understand that not everyone will want to donate to the collection. 


  • Baby shower gift or a new baby gift? You decide.


Baby shower gifts are fantastic if you’re keen to help mum prepare for her new arrival. It’s good to include a new baby journal for recording the first year of life with their newborn or an illustrated record book. And importantly, baby will want a teddy or bunny, as well as muslins and a blanket.

If you want to go one better, go personal. Personalised baby gifts are on trend and make a huge impact. 

Of course, buying a personalised baby gift means you’ll need to wait until baby arrives. Have the baby’s name embroidered on a personalised baby blanket or comforter, or if you have the budget, buy a gorgeous gift set with lots of baby essentials in it. If you’re in a rush, you can often pay for next day delivery, however, most people will visit mum and her bundle of joy in the first few weeks so there’s no rush.


  • Buy the essentials, then add on


If you’re not sure what products to buy, get a few of you together and decide. Personalised gift sets are ideal as they’ll often include essentials that mum and baby will need such as a baby blanket, comforter, soft toy (a teddy or bunny), bibs, muslins and a baby record book, for health records. 

Storage is a big thing too. A nice storage basket for nappies, creams and talc will be welcomed. Then there are books, rattles, bath time essentials and toys. If you’re still not sure, a gift voucher for a dedicated online new baby gift store or retailer is just fine.


  • Make the gifting a special celebration… during the day!


The final weeks of pregnancy are tiring. Drinks after work, when mum-to-be can’t drink, is not the best idea. Try an afternoon tea with cakes and refreshments, where colleagues can come along and you can celebrate together. 

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