7 things I learned from being a new mum

I’m the mum of two gorgeous children. Like many new mums I read blogs, listened to hints and tips and filled my head with all the things I was supposed to buy and do, but generally, it boiled down to just these seven things that I’d love to share with you:

  1. Blankets are bliss
    Mine was simply called ‘Hankie’, and I took it everywhere. I still have it! My two children are primary school age and still sleep with theirs. I bought them something decent that will last. Of course, it’s ideal as a cover when your baby is snoozing but they will soon learn to associate it with you and use it to comfort them.
  2. Make time for bath-time
    Experts will tell you that water is great for babies as it stimulates their senses, they feel warmth and wetness all over their body, they listen to their splashes, taste and smell the water and can blow bubbles. What I learned most of all was… and really great fun! There were many time where we’d both be laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face. What a great way to relieve some of the tension of the day.
  3. Find a routine that works for you
    I didn’t breast-feed so my husband and I took it in turns to feed. During the week he would do the late and early morning feeds to give me chance to rest and I’d do the middle of the night. Then at weekends we’d swap over. It meant he felt involved and I could get a decent sleep in.
  4. The 3 B’s routine – Bath, Book and Bed
    Routine is good not only for you for your baby too. I adopted this little routine every night and my children have loved it and it’s encouraged their love of stories and reading. A bath, followed by a story and a cuddle with teddy for bedtime.
  5. Buy a comfy chair for the nursery
    If you have the space, I’d definitely recommend this. We bought a simple and inexpensive slouchy chair from IKEA. It worked a treat as it meant we could get comfortable when bottle-feeding but the angle meant our baby could nestle into us and go to sleep. If you have even more space, a foot rest is brilliant too.
  6. Get out and mix with other mums
    For your own sanity, get out of the house! Meet up with other mums or friends for some adult conversation. Your baby will enjoy getting out and about just as much as you.
  7. Rest when the baby rests
    OK, this is easier said than done because all you want to do when your baby is dozing is get all the housework, cleaning and washing done. Pace yourself. Do bits but don’t run around like a mad person. Make time for rest too.