5 reasons to send a personalised Christmas gift

If you’re struggling to think of a perfect present for family, friends or a Secret Santa, let me unwrap the joy of personalised Christmas gifts. 

Finding the perfect Christmas gift can sometimes feel like trying to find ‘the purple one’ in that famous box of chocolates!  

The easy answer is to give something personal, so here is my top 5 reasons to give a personalised Christmas gift. 

1. It shows you’ve put thought into choosing their gift 

If ‘it’s the thought that counts’, then that’s definitely true of a personalised Christmas gift. Having their name on a gift shows that you’ve put genuine thought and care into your choice, and not just grabbed something last minute in a blind panic! There are so many gifts you can personalise, from a Christmas bear to jewellery engraved with the recipient’s name or initials.

2. It’s a memorable gift that they’ll treasure 

Every Christmas when we decorate our tree we always hang a few personalised decorations we’ve been given. Personalised gifts often have a story behind them, and personalised Christmas gifts are a lovely reminder of the family and friends we received them from. We feel that they’re part of our festive celebrations. They remind you of a happy time or a special Christmas. My husband and I have often exchanged personalised gifts and they hold special meaning.  

3. Create your own ‘personal’ Christmas traditions 

The festive season is really exciting when it’s with your own home-grown family. A baby’s first Christmas, for example, is the perfect time to introduce some favourite family traditions from your own childhood and create new ones. My children have a personalised Christmas plate to leave treats for Santa, and a special ‘personal’ copy of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’, Clement Clarke Moore’s glorious festive poem about a visit from St. Nicholas. It has their name on the cover and we read it together every Christmas Eve. It’s all about having fun and making memories. 

4. Personalised Christmas gifts are suitable for everyone 

Let’s face it, there’s always at least one person that’s incredibly difficult to buy a gift for. With a dash of creativity you can come up with something personal for anyone. It doesn’t matter if they’re seven or seventy, whether you know them really well or not, they are sure to love whatever you have bought them if it features their name on it or something personal to them.  

5. No one else will have bought the same gift 

There’s nothing more demoralising than buying someone the best Christmas gift ever, only to find that one of their other friends has bought them exactly the same thing. Of course, buying them a personalised Christmas gift avoids any embarrassment and you know it will be treasured. 

Happy shopping!